Trust and Honesty

Today’s blog is about trust and honesty, simply put, they go together. If you have one, you may be the other. We should be able to trust and be trustworthy, in the same way we should be honest and trust others to be honest with us and that starts with our parents, with family.

Whatever spin we eventually put on our experiences we may go back to the same thought processes. But no matter the childhood, we need to consciously decide that if we are going to change history, we need to change ourselves.

Children trust, it’s the basis of their relationship with their parents, with their family. It is essential for their mental and emotional growth. Trust leads to a better childhood, to better adult relationships, better mental and emotional health, and increased empathy. When children trust they feel less anxious.

Honesty starts in childhood. Without trust there is little honesty. Children must be able to trust their parents. It’s an invisible thread, an unwritten bond that parents will put their child first. Trust is honesty, it is integrity, it is keeping your promise. It is letting your child know that no matter their needs, you will come through for them.

Trust is a component of honesty, it is the backbone to just about everything. In the eyes of a child, it’s being able to trust, to rely on what their parents say and to trust they will be honest.

5 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Trust and Honesty

  1. Any relationship without trust and honesty isn’t a relationship worth having, and we should never sacrifice ourselves or feel as though our feelings are invalid with the person we are in a relationship with.

    Ultimately this boils down to respect. Unless someone respects you enough as a person, they will not fully commit to you and develop your trust.

    In which case, it’s time to rethink whether staying in that relationship is the right thing to do.

    1. Thank you for this. I completely agree. Yes, even as a child, I was honest and trust worthy.

      When what we deal with takes precedent and there is an element of struggle, our moral compass takes a knock and that may change the way we see and do things. It’s not an excuse.

      Around narcissism it’s obvious, but for anyone faced with someone who it’s clear don’t respect them, then it is important to move on and find another ‘tribe’.

      Others may not like it when you take a stand, and may have an opinion about that, but what matters is what you think and your reasoning behind your choices.

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