Trust doesn’t always equal truth

Trust doesn’t always equal truth. When it comes to relationships, if someone doesn’t tell the truth and you’re having to read between the lines to work things out, there is no trust and it’s probably time to move on.

Just because someone says you can trust them, doesn’t mean you can. Trust issues happen because people are either conservative with the truth, or they lie. Trust is about goodwill, it’s telling the other person I care enough to tell you the truth, but that has to be reciprocated.

Where trust doesn’t equal truth, it’s time to rethink. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. It is also the foundation that builds on relationships in the early days. We trust those who we believe have our best interests at heart.

For those who know there is a trust issue, they may have already worked out they’re scared to go it alone, so do nothing about it. When we have doubt, we will always question trust.

19 May, 2021

4 thoughts on “Trust doesn’t always equal truth

  1. Truthfulness is the basis of all of our relationships. Without truth there can be no trust. As you say, without both, it’s time for a rethink of those relationships.

    1. Yes, without trust there is no truth and without truth there is little to base our relationships on. We would feel more supported if we had both and the right people in our lives.

      Covid-19 has brought about different coping strategies and a different thinking in us all. I really do feel it’s back to basics on this one.

  2. Self-interest supersedes truth, as we see in relationships and politics today.

    It is no secret that lying has become a proud strategic skill, in all areas of people activity, it’s no longer subliminal.

    We can make our lives much easier by simply telling the truth, I believe that.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right. Given what’s happening in the world right now, it is even more important we pull back and work on a moral compass.

      It’s scary just how far we’ve fallen, but I still believe we can still pull this back.

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