Turning the tables

No matter how many times we may put the truth out there, others may still choose to turn the tables, if they’re that way inclined. To reverse their position relative to someone else won’t help them.

Someone turning the tables on someone else, doesn’t mean that what that someone else has implied, is not the truth. The reality is the truth doesn’t stop being the truth because we choose to ignore it.

But the universe will always know and work to a different tune. Us turning the tables doesn’t mean we will never be confronted with the truth, because the truth will always show its face, no matter how much we try to run from it.

No matter how painful it is, the truth is better than having to deal with what are the consequences of us turning the tables. The truth is something people and society turn its back on.

When we turn the tables we’re avoiding something we don’t want to deal with, which means there will always be an element of struggle in our lives somewhere else.

Turning the tables mean there will always be consequences to deal with. It’s what turning the tables mean, particularly if it’s other people we’re turning the tables on.

31 Jul, 2019

2 thoughts on “Turning the tables

  1. ‘You can’t handle the truth,’ is the expression that comes to mind when anyone mentions the truth.

    My parents seemed to be experts at turning the table on others, so nothing was their fault and they blamed their problems on everyone but themselves.

    We grew up in a world where we were supposed to ignore the truth about what was going on. Eventually you lose any idea of what the truth is anymore. They put their children through it, but acted like it didn’t bother them at all.

    Both of my parents went on to the bitter end blaming our rotten childhood on each other, so there wasn’t any closure there.

    I have wasted far too much of my life ignoring the truth that I am only human and have made a lot of mistakes, but now I can try to be a better person and live my own truth for a change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, your parents turning the tables, blaming others, not taking control and continuing to blame.

      Although it’s not great, I am sure when you look back on why, you understand more about your life and your parents.

      As you say, you can now live your own truth. I am pleased you are because it will help you understand your past and bring yourself emotionally into the present.

      The truth if we continue to use it will liberate us and bring us peace. It’s not to say that you won’t come into contact with those who don’t speak the truth, but it will help you limit how much non-truths you let in.

      It won’t win you any brownie points with others, particularly those who dodge the truth. In some circumstances, speaking your truth will agitate them more, but there is never a day go by where I choose not to speak my truth.

      I know that I couldn’t do and continue to do without speaking my truth.

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