Types of therapy

It’s important for anyone who needs help, to think about what they’re dealing with and look into the various types of therapy that is beneficial for them, with their particular situation.

Below is a list of some of the different types of therapies:


Anyone who chooses the counselling route will be expected to look and talk about problems they face on a daily basis. A counsellor will work through problems, such as separation, bereavement, post-natal depression and will look at conflicts or a particular crisis.

Counselling usually encourages us to express ourselves, so that we work through our feelings and/or a situation that is stopping us from moving on with our life. The counsellor’s job is to help us find ways of moving forward.

Short-term counselling can last anything between 8 – 10 weeks. Longer term counselling that spills over and goes deeper may go deeper so that it becomes more like Psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy comes under the umbrella term and can be performed by practitioners with different qualifications. Therapies include:

  • Mental health counselling;
  • Clinical or psychiatric social work;
  • Rehabilitation counselling;
  • Marriage and family therapy;
  • Clinical psychology;
  • Psychiatry;
  • Occupational therapy

Psychotherapy usually explores the connections between what your present thoughts, feelings or actions are to past experiences or events. This kind of therapy helps us understand how our relationships work.

Psychotherapists have different approaches, so where one therapist is analytical and detached another one may be supportive and friendly. They also work in different ways. One Psychotherapist may take the lead and ask questions, while another will just listen.

Sessions are usually conducted on a one-to-one basis but psychotherapists can also work in groups where they help members understand themselves as well as those who participate in the group.

Psychotherapists usually work in hospitals and private psychotherapists work from either rented accommodation or from home. They work to ethical codes of practice.

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18 Aug, 2010

2 thoughts on “Types of therapy

  1. Great information. I have been to a therapist before but not for my illnesses, It was for co-dependency. I was co-dependent with my first husband. It helped immensely. I also think that having friends is like therapy in a way. If they are good friends you can open up to them and tell them anything.

    1. Lisa I’m glad you found counselling helpful when you went. I think if you have those kind of friends hold on to them, my experiences do not reflect your comments unfortunately…

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