Uncomfortable Emotions

Although initially it feels easier to hold back on our emotions, after a while it becomes harder when you’re continually holding back. It’s okay to feel angry when you’re irritated or mad at someone, or to cry when you feel sad.

From a young age, not knowing what a disability looked like, it was clear I struggled with my emotions. For me it wasn’t so much that my emotions felt uncomfortable, I wasn’t always aware in my childhood what I felt, and what I knew I felt was continually being overlooked.

But generally, we’re uncomfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Emotions are uncomfortable for a reason, they’re there to let us know that we need to act on them, instead of ignoring them.

We may unconsciously put those on the back burner, or if someone talks to us because they are concerned, we may tell them everything is okay. To the outside world it is, but to our inside world, it’s usually a different ball game. But emotions, if we let them, will just get bigger until they can no longer be contained.

But any emotions not dealt with, will deal with us through ill-health. I have seen it happen. It’s important to deal with our emotions. Through autism and in Covid-19, I continually cultivate ways for me to sit comfortably with my emotions, even though I continue to experience those ever-present knee-jerk reactions.

Emotions exist for each of us, there is no point in pretending they don’t. To come face to face with our emotions, means an easier transition. If you think about it, emotions aren’t supposed to feel comfortable, but with sincerity, they can if we let them, guide us to greater understanding and insights into ourselves and that can feel liberating.

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19 Sep, 2021

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