Unconscious conditioning

Even though we will spend a large proportion of our lives being unconsciously conditioned, we should apply common sense on how we conduct ourselves. Unconscious conditioning shouldn’t be an excuse for not thinking about and applying common sense to all our relationships.

We use our past as a get out clause for how we conduct ourselves presently. How others behave, doesn’t give us the right to treat others in the same way, through unconscious conditioning. Instead we must think about our issues, deal with those and continue to build on our relationships.

It’s unfair for others when we base our current relationships on past unconscious experiences. Perhaps this is something we should think about changing, because not to, means we can never get the best out of our relationships.

It is important we all consciously think about our behaviour, how we think about and conduct ourselves in the present moment, is the backbone to all successful relationships.

31 Aug, 2015

4 thoughts on “Unconscious conditioning

  1. We are all subject to unconscious conditioning through home life, school, friends, relationships and work.

    What we need to do is exactly as you describe: to try and separate the good from the bad in all of that and change what we need to, through applying our experience and common sense.

    It takes recognition to understand that so much of this is within our ability and that is the starting point and probably the most difficult part.

    1. We must come to understand that everything is within our own ability and capabilities. We always think other people have it and that we don’t and it’s simply not true.

      Learning from our past without repeating history through better communication is the first place to start. Everything else will fall into place after that. Inwardly we learn on the go. That’s how I learned.

  2. We should treat others with respect regardless of how we were unconsciously conditioned. Others should not have to pay for the anger we might feel inside, because of what we went through.

    We need to be conscious that others have their own issues too.

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