Unconscious Experiences

Unconscious experiences are the experiences we’ve lived but can’t always recall. The preconscious as it’s called, contains thoughts and feelings that we’re not always aware of, which exist below our level of consciousness.

The conscious is the mental process where we are aware of our thoughts. Without access to our preconscious thoughts those thoughts will remain dormant until we understand how to access them. The unconscious, (the part we don’t spontaneously have access to) is important, because without that access, we will fail to deal with our issues.

It is the primary source and where all of our experiences lay dormant. Our feelings, and every day decisions are heavily influenced by our experiences, experiences that we’ve lived that lie in the unconscious. Our past experiences will always have a bearing on our conscious decisions.

Without acknowledging any part of our past experiences, without revisiting those unconscious experiences, we will struggle to get on and live successful lives.

15 Apr, 2021

2 thoughts on “Unconscious Experiences

  1. I have always believed that all of our past experiences, in particular our childhood experiences, are stored in our unconscious processes and those processes affect our present.

    In particular, how people related to us as children, affects how we relate to others as adults and explains much about how we go on to form relationships and cope in our everyday lives.

    While revisiting those experiences can be traumatic, it is sometimes essential to move forward with a different mindset.

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