Understanding relationships

Relationships aren’t easy, whether it’s a partnership, marriage or friendship. But it’s easier if we remember that there will always be disagreements along the way. It’s the nature of how relationships work sometimes.

What matters is how we handle our disagreements and ourselves, because how we handle ourselves is ultimately what determines the success of the relationship and whether we stay in it for the long haul. Perhaps, therefore we need to listen, deal with criticisms of ourselves and throw some give ‘n’ take, empathy and compassion in for good measure.

We must continually try to work on changing the paradigm, from one of conflict at times, to one of continued success. In times of stress we’re often too quick to abandon ship. The success of any relationship will always depend and be determined by how we conduct ourselves and how we choose to resolve those untimely disagreements.

Perhaps, this is exactly what we need to think about, as we embark on our relationships. We come into our relationships without preparing or anticipating how to work through inevitable disagreements, which can lead to a breakdown in communication and ultimately the relationship.

8 Feb, 2017

2 thoughts on “Understanding relationships

  1. This is a really useful blog. This is all eminently sensible.

    I wonder how many of us actually take a step back to really think about how we conduct ourselves in relationships, rather than just blaming the other person for our own problems?

    1. Thank you. Yes, personally I’ve never approached a relationship like that, but you’re right, I don’t think we do. From an early age I was constantly aware of relationships and how they could go wrong, so I am aware of how to adjust the sails so to speak.

      My problems are my problems, I don’t choose to inflict those on anyone, I deal with them, but those close to me must be sensitive to what I deal with, so that I can help myself work on my differences.

      Having been born with a disability automatically makes me different, there’s no getting away from that. But we must learn to embrace other people’s differences and where there are no emotional differences, work on give ‘n’ take in that relationship.

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