Understanding your emotions

Getting to know our emotions and understanding what they mean is the kindest thing we will ever do. It is the difference between us staying well and becoming unwell.

Although emotions can add energy and a variety of feelings which will impact our lives, those emotions can also leave us flat, when we struggle to understand what they mean. Where emotions support us, they can also turn on us, with unpredictable feelings, dragging us down into the depths of despair.

We’re either in control of our emotions or we’re controlled by them. They can help us attain great wisdom, or they can leave us confused, because we fail to understand how we feel. But our emotions also have the capacity to allow us to heal. When we learn and understand our emotions, we will stay present and well.

We must uncover our emotions at the core. Emotions can make us feel sad, they can also make us feel happy, they can make us feel anxious, or can leave us stressed. Emotions are tied to good and experiences, the past and the present.

With all emotions, it’s important we learn to identify the message behind them. If we’re anxious, we need to ask why or what we’re afraid of. If we’re angry, we need to look at why we’re angry, come to understand our anger, anything that will help us understand what our emotions mean.

The problem is we bury a lot of what we feel, either because we can’t face up to dealing with those feelings, we don’t like confrontation, or we’re in denial our feelings exist. We can’t deal with emotions when we don’t understand, therefore the key to unlocking our emotions is to understand.

11 Dec, 2016

4 thoughts on “Understanding your emotions

  1. Emotions are complicated things aren’t they? One day you think you know all about them and the next it’s like, it’s all new again!

    I can see the importance of getting to understand them as part of understanding ourselves.

    1. Thanks. Yes, your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully and you’re right. When we understand our emotions we will understand ourselves.

      Emotions not only tie us into our own lives, but emotions are used to express our feelings to others. Without knowing what or how we feel that will be difficult to do.

      We need to think about things more. Spend some time on our own and either use reflection or contemplation to think about how we feel and what our emotions mean. I tend to use reflection as my tool.

      Then there are our triggers. A trigger is a catalyst that brings about an emotion or thought process. Some of us will understand the trigger that brings about the emotion. Some of us won’t.

      And some of us will ignore the trigger in the hope that whatever the reason for the emotion it will go away and some of us won’t recognise the trigger or the emotion at all.

      But fundamentally, the trigger is there to let us know the emotion exists and we must deal with.

  2. I internalize my emotions, I like to keep them safe. But that only robs me of sleep and emotional peace. It’s like I’m always thinking about something, afraid that evil might catch me taking a snooze.

    So perhaps I need to find a way to disconnect my emotions or find a way to set them free.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s absolutely fine to internalise our emotions, as long as the emotions we internalise don’t turn into conflict.

      It’s important to make sure that we find solutions to the emotions we internalise quickly so that we’re not carrying those emotions longer than we have to.

      I think what you say in your second sentence is absolutely correct. Any emotion we’re struggling with or is making us unsettled, will always rob us of sleep and emotional peace. Not only that unsettled emotions can eventually make us ill and in some circumstances can turn illness into something more sinister. (I have seen that happen).

      Either we let the emotion go without worrying or trying to hold back on to it, but more importantly we must deal with them, so we can set them free.

      My blog continues to give us the ammunition to be able to do that.

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