Unify and Consolidate

In a world that is sick with Covid-19, it is important we unify, consolidate and come together, so that we can come through Covid-19 the stronger for it.

To unify and consolidate means we come together to achieve something, in this case reducing Covid-19, which has the potential to mutate and grow. With the world now in crisis, it means each of us are dealing with a crisis.

It is important to pull together. I go back to the point that just because we can’t see how the virus works and mutates, it doesn’t mean it’s not growing or changing.

Although lockdown is now assigned to the history books in the UK, the fact that we’re interacting more, means it is even more important we unify and consolidate, to make sure we continue to work together with the right measures in place to keep us safe.

26 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Unify and Consolidate

  1. To finally defeat Covid-19, we must rely less on politics and more on common sense. We really need to understand that before it’s too late.

    In this politically charged environment, it is highly unlikely that we will unify and consolidate on anything. I hate to be so pessimistic.

    1. Thanks Tim. I concur with your response. Yes, we need to.

      Where you say, ‘we must rely less on politics and more on common sense,’ you’re absolutely right. We are living in a ‘politically charged environment’ and that needs to change.

      I pray it happens before it’s too late to change.

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