Using introspection

My thoughts are never far away from my unconscious thinking. But introspection isn’t a one minute wonder. It’s something that must be honed.

We know what introspection is but why should we use it? We should use it because without the examination or observation of our own emotional and mental processes, we will never grow. We will never learn to look within or observe ourselves.

Without introspection, we will never know what it means to contemplate, what it means to ponder, to reflect, nor what it is to be thoughtful, we will never know meditation or how to use reflection.

Introspection can be used at any time, it’s easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of effort. To get started we just need to sit and focus on one particular thing. Quiet introspection can be extremely valuable.

Introspection helps us think about our lives, our experiences and what certain things mean. It allows us to think about our lives more, and if used frequently, we will begin to hear the little voice inside our head, talk back at us.

Introspection allows us to re-visit our experiences so that we understand our lives and experiences. It allows us to deal with our issues and that enables change.

15 Dec, 2017

2 thoughts on “Using introspection

  1. Yes, it can be a great thing, as long as you don’t end up doing what I do far too often, which is morbid reflection, or what I like to call doing the backstroke, in the pity pot.

    Far too much of my life has been wasted on doing this, when I have been stuck in the seemingly endless cycle of obsessing over the things I can’t change, like the past, rather than focusing on what I could, like the present and the future.

    I’m at the age now, where if I’m lucky, I may have a good 25 years or so left to change the things that I can. I don’t want to end up like both my parents who quietly slipped into dementia and spent their last few years suffering horribly without being able to do anything about it.

    My only wish is that people will remember me, so that I won’t be lost in the sands of time and totally forgotten.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, introspection should be used as a means to pin-point, understand, find a way through and then move on.

      It’s easy to see why you can get stuck, but the whole point is that you get to deal with the issues you address, instead of holding on to those things. I understand how it’s easy to get caught up in the same turmoil in our heads.

      I was more tired of being tired of the same old things playing out in my head and that was getting to me more.

      Feeling stuck and not being able to move on I felt was harder. The more you manage to sort out and move on from some of those issues, the better you will feel.

      Introspection is the only way to do it, because it allows you to look at issues that continue to lay dormant.

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