Valuing sanity above greed

I have always valued sanity above greed. As a child, I was unconsciously already laying down the foundations of a more spiritual life, but I didn’t consciously understand that’s what it was.

In the early years, family is the most important influence, until we begin to spread our wings. But as we grow up, it is important we continue to stick to our moral standing and values. It’s easy for our allegiance to people and things to replace those. Instead of a need to want more things, remember to think about and work on yourselves.

As we unconsciously begin to acquire more things, we will continue to ignore our emotions and our sanity. As we go through life we may draw more importance to things than people, or even ourselves, although there are exceptions.

Sadly, when we put greed above sanity and think less about the importance of value, we’re not happy to live the basic simple life, we want more.

26 Sep, 2018

4 thoughts on “Valuing sanity above greed

  1. Sanity isn’t something I get to experience a lot of right now, considering I live with someone who seems to enjoy the chaos and insanity.

    She deals with greedy people most of the time and I get to hear about the games they play, just to get more. It’s just a reminder of why I need to get away from this woman, before she truly drives me insane.

    Now that I think of it, she’s quite a bit like my mother, as far as in trying to convince me that certain behaviors are okay, when it allows you to get what you want, even when it’s wrong.

    She battled me every step of the way to brainwash me into being greedy and sneaky just like her, when it went against everything I believed in and eventually she won through the worst tactics, by crushing one of my most wanted dreams.

    Greed is one of the many things that is destroying the world and so many lives in the process. My mother was always so greedy even to the point of her own children suffering, so I got to experience a childhood of seeing the worst that people have to offer.

    This kind of attitude is why we have people dying from obesity, when in other parts of the world people are dying from starvation, which is truly so very sad.

    I’m sure that is why I have had such a daily struggle in my mind, between doing the right thing for myself and doing what was right for others and trying to make them happy.

    This is why I have stuck with a woman who drives me insane, even when I’m the one who now has to take high blood pressure meds and she hasn’t appreciated much of anything I have done for her.

    She is so much like my mother in that I can do ninety-nine things right for her, but then she focuses on the one thing I don’t do, which is truly ridiculous.

    People may think the life I want is boring and repetitive but for me that’s what I need for my own sanity. Some other people want the chaos and insanity in order to get what they want and then wonder why their lives are so horrible and they have things like ulcers.

    My dad suffered with those issues mostly, due to trying to make my mother happy when that was an impossible task, considering what she wanted from him.

    Many years ago I ended up having everything that I thought I wanted and it still wasn’t enough, when I didn’t do the right thing for my own daughter’s sake and I have been the one to suffer since then.

    She now doesn’t even speak to me and thinks I’m the one who is insane because of my girlfriend and her insanity, so I have choices to make. I’m just so tired and would love to have sanity back in my life again, while I still have time to enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, sanity or greed? I would go for sanity every time. I know you’ll start to feel so much better when you make a decision.

      Only you can make a decision Randy. Personally, I would be looking and aiming for peace. It’s what we should continue to strive for. It’s also what keeps us emotionally well.

      Truth be told, I’ve usually had to move mountains to achieve anything in the way of peace. Working through the process is never easy, but better than remaining in a place you don’t want to be.

      As you say Randy you have choices to make. Good luck.

  2. I have never valued greed – in fact I detest it. The world is full of inhumanity brought about by greed, be that political or material greed.

    I see these being mutually exclusive and sanity on the other hand is an objective that is well worthy of pursuit as part of a simpler, more spiritual existence.

    1. Thank you. Yes, they are mutually exclusive but something we all must take stock of before it’s too late. The world is less safe because of it.

      If we chose sanity above greed, just imagine also how much more in control of our lives we would be, how much easier our lives would be and as you say, how much of a simpler, more spiritual existence we’d have.

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