Verbal bullying

Do we ever think about the way we respond to what someone says, even if what they’ve said isn’t rude or offensive and yet we still take offence and retaliate?

When we use words in a negative way that insults, belittles and pulls people down in a way to gain power over them, we’ve crossed the line and it becomes a form of verbal bullying. Many people’s lives continue to be destroyed by this type of behaviour in school, in the work place, in families and at home.

In families it seems to have become more commonplace because of stress and experiences that set to challenge unresolved issues. Fortunately, we do know when we’re doing it, but it’s not something we will always admit to doing, particularly if someone confronts us with it.

Unfortunately, and you may have heard it said, it’s a habit that has the ability to spill into other areas of our lives too, if we let it.

15 Aug, 2016

4 thoughts on “Verbal bullying

  1. The ego, in various disguises, feeds on intimidation and subjugation to make people feel low, like they’re wearing iron shoes in water.

    Of course, any kind of bullying is sad to see, especially if the victim has no recourse, no defense; like employee’s just trying to make a living.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the ego is what speaks for us and takes no prisoners. I believe there can be no place for any type of bullying. I find it disgusting, irritating and unnecessary.

      Yes we all have something that we deal with, but there can be defence for anyone who uses it as a means to ignore their own issues. No one should be made a scapegoat for other people’s problems.

  2. Any form of bullying is unacceptable, but especially if it’s within a family situation. Children will seethe parents’ behaviour, believe it to be the norm and will copy.

    I agree with you that the increasing stresses of 21st century life have probably led to increased prevalence of bullying at home.

    1. Yes I feel so strongly about bullying. There is and can be no excuse or tolerance of any form of bullying.

      Bullying is bullying regardless of why or how it’s done. Perhaps society is to blame because the fact that I’ve written this blog shows we’ve become more oblivious to how people speak and that is more accepted; but it’s not.

      Any form of bullying equals abuse and has to stop. Full stop.

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