We are all equal

We’re all human. We have two eyes, we bleed, we feel pain, we cry. But in a world where we’re born equal, we’re far from equal.

But when it comes to social standards and ranking our equality, we’re not equal. Inequality stems from our personal perceptions of learned behaviour passed through the generations, from our grandparents, to our parents, down to us through our environment.

We are born, we live, and we die, that’s a given, but it’s society that slaps labels on us, an inequality that’s obvious through class, culture, race and gender.

When you continue to add layers like class difference, gender discrimination, the rich being more privileged than the poor and you’re still looking at inequality. but things don’t have to be that way. Underneath the layers of personality that make up who we are, we are all equal.

But where we see others as less equal, the universe knows we’re equal. It doesn’t distinguish between people of different cultures, race, specific class, black or white, educated or non-educated. It doesn’t care.

It is us, the human race who wrongly judge who is equal. We’re not learning our lessons about life. For us to work and live in harmony alongside each other, we must first see each other as equal.

22 May, 2019

4 thoughts on “We are all equal

  1. We do all come into the world and leave it the same way, so in the human sense we are all equal.

    All of the world’s problems stem from people who think they’re better than everyone else, but at the end of the day they’re not.

    Just because a person is rich or looks like a super model doesn’t make them a better person as people like the Kardashian’s have proved.

    My biggest struggle over the years has been how to defeat that overwhelming sense of being less than that has kept me paralysed and afraid for most of my life.

    We were treated like poor white trash as kids, so it’s no wonder I have felt this way, but I know I need to get over it which is always easier said than done.

    I would be thrilled just to feel like an equal to everyone else.

    1. Yes, background, race, gender, and culture should have everything to do with us being decent human beings, treating everyone as their equal.

      We are all equal. Families should be equal, but that’s usually where inequality starts, based on jealousy. Society and the world also need to come together before it moves even further apart through inequality.

      Randy continue to be who you are. Those who want to be in your life will treat you as their equal. You are an equal, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. We are all equal, but as the saying goes, some think they are more equal than others. Is it any wonder the world is so messed up?

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