We are our destiny

I believe our life is already predetermined before we come into this life, but to a certain extent once we’re here, we are the authors of our destiny.

Our life script (predispositions to our experiences) is interactive with possibilities and choices leading on to different pathways and we do have a certain responsibility over those. That is why we cannot solely blame others for our circumstances or experiences. We must learn to take responsibility for the lessons we choose to learn.

I don’t believe we have full control for everything, but it’s wrong to think we have no control at all. We can choose to change certain things. We can operate on a higher vibration or a lower one. Whichever one we choose, determines how we will experience our life and how that will determine our destiny. I’m not sure how many of us come to think about our lives in that way.

Perhaps we should stop to think about that, because if we don’t we will always continue to blame others for the way our lives turn out. Even though our lives may start out a certain way, some of the choices we go on to make, aren’t always down to other people.

Our life and our choices in the end become our responsibility, regardless of what has past. We must be responsible for those.


20 Oct, 2015

6 thoughts on “We are our destiny

  1. Yes, we do have certain choices, even if our lives are meant to turn out a certain way.

    I haven’t had very high hopes considering how my life has turned out, but I also haven’t made a lot of very wise decisions! I have blamed others for making choices for me when I didn’t know how to stand up for myself and make my own. People will always take advantage of the weak when they think they can get away with it.

    I’m fighting for control of my own life now which isn’t easy to do when you’ve allowed others to have control most of your life. People always expect to have their lives turn out fantastically, like in the movies, but there aren’t always happy endings.

    It’s very hard to keep the faith when you feel like you’re getting the shaft all the time! Life isn’t fair, never has been and never will be. There will be people who will always have everything handed to them and squander their lives without ever truly appreciating it.

    I have to learn how to compare less with other people’s lives and identify more with those who have struggles like I do! I can’t afford to continue hanging on to resentments which only drag me down in the end.

    1. Thanks Randy. I couldn’t agree more, but we must learn to identify with ourselves and sort our issues out so that we don’t hold on to resentments. Growing up I also held on to resentment around my physical problems.

      Although our lives turn out the way they do, particularly in our formative years, as adults it’s up to us to choose how we live. We think we don’t have control, but we very much do.

      We have to change the way we see and do things and to do that we must work on ourselves.

  2. I agree. While we are all part of a bigger picture, I believe we do have certain choices and control within that overall plan to change things and in turn I believe that changes future outcomes too.

    In that way I too, agree the responsibility is ours.

  3. I just thought about babies being born into the most oppressive conditions imaginable or people falsely imprisoned for life over crimes they didn’t commit. Are these people the authors of their destinies?

    I struggle with this kind of thinking, as people are born into horrific situations they have absolutely no control of.

    1. As harsh as this sounds Tim, this is exactly how it works. It’s always difficult to comprehend why people would have to suffer, but all of us will have some trauma and discord in our lives, it’s just how we handle what we have to deal with.

      Some of us will be affected by these things more than others, others will use their trauma to find the positive in what they’ve had to go through. I believe if we all chose to come together, we would get to deal with each other and our lives more positively.

      In my own case I’ve had to work through my own trauma with regard to my Cerebral Palsy. I’ve come through stronger. Perhaps that’s the answer. Our struggles are there to make us stronger.

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