We know what we do

Anyone with a conscience will know if their actions have hurt someone. Being in denial doesn’t get anyone off the hook. Denial intensifies the problem even more. We know what we do.

Just because we choose to ignore what we’ve said or a deed done, doesn’t mean those things weren’t said or the deed didn’t happen. Denial is developed for us to ignore and deceive others, for us to ignore what’s potentially coming back.

Denial is us refusing to accept that someone else is speaking the truth or us accepting what we have done, regardless of whether what we have done has been pointed. But it’s not something that needs pointing out, we will already know. We may choose to block out what we’ve done, what we may continue to do.

Denial is a way for us to avoid acknowledging our weaknesses. ‘Denialism’ is when we choose to deny reality, as a way to avoid uncomfortable truths, but this is not something we can avoid in the long-term.

Instead we must reconcile our words and deeds and put those right even if they haven’t been mentioned, because any conscious wrongdoing will eventually catch up with us. No one is exempt.

12 Apr, 2019

2 thoughts on “We know what we do

  1. Yes, I am all too aware of what I have done and I’m not proud of the person I used to be. I used to have a photographic memory at one time so there are many things that I can’t forget even as much as I wish I could.

    This was exactly why I started drinking and smoking pot at 12 years old, so I could forget what my childhood was like. There were also parts of myself that I wasn’t very proud of, but it wasn’t like I had the option of really talking to anyone about what was happening.

    I’m sure that I would have been told that I had every right to be angry and they would have helped me to deal with those feelings. I have spent a lifetime trying to change my ways which finally seems to be succeeding, now that I’m can talk about those feelings.

    1. Hats off to you Randy. Just because your life was one way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. People change and you have.

      You have come a long way. You should be proud of how far you’ve come. The fact that you own up to how you used to be is be commended. Most people choose to ignore how they were and when confronted will deny all knowledge.

      I remember a school friend whose father used to watch children over the road after school and when I told her, she said she didn’t know what her father did. I remember thinking how sad it was that she wouldn’t own up to what her father did for a living.

      It is important that whatever we have done, we own our issues and for everything we hand out, we own up to those mistakes too. I love that you’re open and honest. I am pleased your life is turning around for the better too.

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