We must be the change

The human condition is inevitably flawed, but if the coronavirus and lock down is to teach us one thing, it’s that we must change, and start to be proactive in our lives, positively. We must give back.

It is time to give back. We must start to look after our world. It is not enough to look to others to change. How we are, our behaviour makes a difference, not only to our outlook on our lives, but to our outlook on the wider world.

We are all responsible for how we live our lives. We must all work together. Governments, society and countries alike must start to work together, to look after our planet and to bring about harmony and peace. We’re running out of time and time is not on our side.

Couple climate change and the coronavirus together and you’re looking at two significant issues, that are being allowed to continue, whilst politicians argue it out, killing the human species and the natural world.

Where global warming is concerned, even if governments don’t agree with the scientific evidence, our differences must be put aside. Scientists are not getting this wrong. That just because we don’t believe or choose to ignore something, doesn’t mean that something goes away. These issues are real dangers we face daily.

Politicians must start working together; people and politicians alike must change their daily habits. Politicians governing must learn from their mistakes. They’re in government to make a difference, again not to serve their egos, or themselves.

Politicians and countries must pull together, individually we must also do our bit to save ourselves and the natural world. Time is running out.

9 Apr, 2020

4 thoughts on “We must be the change

  1. The power of denial is amazing seeing as people are still refusing to change even under the current circumstances.

    We have 99 people trying to do the right thing, while there is always that one person who refuses to do the right thing even though it’s in their best interest and the interest of others.

    I realized that when I was picking up a chainsaw the other day wearing a face mask and gloves, while there was a guy who they had to kick out, was walking around coughing on people deliberately.

    It just doesn’t make a lot of sense as to why it is that humans are more concerned about arguing over things like who’s better than the other, or who’s right or wrong, rather than focusing on working together to survive.

    Chances are very slim that the human race will survive at all. I’m hoping and praying for the best right now, but in the end, I also have to look at the reality of our current situation and have to wonder.

    1. The human condition is inevitably flawed and you have a point. In 2020 we should be all working together. Given the Coronavirus it’s even more important we work together, so yes a human failing.

      I think it important we put our differences aside, take the ego out of the equation and go back to basics. Where we conform, others would expect the same from us, if the shoe were on the other foot and they were conforming and we weren’t.

      We get one crack at life, to be anything but kind, tolerant, caring and compassionate goes again the very essence of life and what is expected from us.

      I believe we get back what we put out. The universe is aware of our motives and will always choose to act accordingly.

  2. I have no doubt that Covid-19 will change the world like no other pandemic, because it has spread to every major country around the globe. Governments will have to rethink at every level.

    There is no reason why we have to return to the pre-coronavirus chaos and the damaging impact it had on our lives and the planet. I hope the world learns a lesson leading to huge shifts in the way we live our lives.

    Hopefully, we will use this crisis to rebuild, produce something better and more humane. But I fear we may slide into something worse.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I would simply add that we mustn’t return to the pre-coronavirus impact that it had on our lives and the planet. We’re killing the natural world and the human species.

      The biggest shift has to be in the way we live our lives, post-coronavirus. We need to save ourselves and the natural world.

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