We must own things

I should know what guilt looks like. I’ve carried it most of my life. Perhaps that’s why I’ve chosen to own things instead and let go of the rest.

If we say or do something that’s wrong, we must admit we got it wrong, instead of passing the buck and allowing others to carry our guilt. Others in the same way, must own what belongs to them without passing the guilt back.

If we offer advice and the advice we give turns out wrong, we must accept that the advice we gave was wrong. If we’re ever confronted by the person we chose to ignore simply because we couldn’t cope with what they were dealing with, we must accept that was also wrong.

When we choose to own things, we take away our need to blame; we take away our need to justify ourselves; we take away our need to carry guilt as we take back control and our sense of self. When we unconsciously choose not to own things, we will not only destroy our self-esteem, creativity and our individuality, but our personal growth too.

Guilt destroys relationships, interferes with our sense of self and also destroys our self-worth. Guilt also interferes with our emotional wellbeing and sense of morality.

When we begin to understand that we need to own things, we will begin to have a whole new life. I know that because that is my life.

15 Jul, 2014

2 thoughts on “We must own things

  1. Yes, I agree with you. We must own our mistakes, then let them go. If the other person we wronged continues to hold onto things that’s their problem.

    1. Yes we must own our mistakes and let go of other people’s guilt. Thanks Lisa!

      It’s easier to let go of our own things than it is to let go of someone having wronged us. Sometimes that becomes our guilt, particularly if the other person doesn’t take responsibility.

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