We’re over things

We’re over things. We tell ourselves we don’t blame, we tell ourselves we don’t hold grudges, but our body language and behaviour tell a different story.

As much as we think we’re over other things, looking to blame and holding a grudge with someone, are not things we can easily contain. Even if we are discreet, other people will know. We hold on to issues like these, as if our lives depended on them.

The subconscious mind will store, the conscious mind will continue to convince us we’re okay about it. The truth is we need to let go because not only will both of these issues, serve to make us physically ill, they will also serve to make us emotionally and physically ill too.

13 Jun, 2014

4 thoughts on “We’re over things

  1. I let go of things fairly easily. I guess I let people get away with things and run over me, but I’m content that way. Let the other person worry about what they did.

    I’ve learned that holding on to things isn’t worth the bother. They will make us physically and mentally ill.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree we shouldn’t hold on to things. As a pleasing child I used to let people get away with things, particularly family who would constantly ask me to do things and it was only when I got in to my early thirties that I realised how unhappy I had become.

      Unless the other person takes stock on what they do, I’m not sure they will worry or concern themselves about us, that’s the problem. Perhaps there is an element that we’re more bothered than we think. From my own experience, I think sometimes we think we’re okay, but on a subconscious level we’re really not.

  2. For the most part, time is the healer of grudges and time silences the perpetrator, but I still remember facial expressions of pain and body language of anger of past experiences. My subconscious mind clearly recorded the details and thankfully so.

    Perhaps it’s more about managing our experiences, as opposed to letting go of them. I’d rather remember what I shouldn’t forget.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s absolutely fine that you remember. I’m not sure given those experiences you will forget, they are not easily forgotten, but we must always try to let go of the anger that our experiences produce.

      Not only is holding on to anger damaging to our health, it is also damaging to our relationships. Of course it doesn’t excuse another person’s behaviour, but what it does is allow us to control our emotions so that our experiences can’t hurt us any more.

      From your response here today I think you already see that Tim. I’m pleased.

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