What it all means

I usually work things through before I can bring acceptance or closure, on what I deal with.

For anyone dealing with reflux, it could be that acid reflux has been a contributing factor since part of the problem with acid reflux is being sick.  In my own case, I cannot remember a single time in my 20 years of problems where I haven’t been sick.

If the nutrients aren’t getting to the cells properly because of throwing up, it could have a large bearing on weight issues. There are no facts on that, just my own observations kicking in.

Finding it difficult to put weight on could also be because of Cerebral Palsy and although some people with Cerebral Palsy are prone to putting weight on, I have never been able to. I have other members of my family who are average weight and weigh more than I do.

What’s scary for anyone with reflux is that one minute we can be well and the next we can feel ill, particularly as we deal with all the usual symptoms of reflux such as choking; trouble swallowing; talking; heartburn; breathing and being sick. We need to be able to do all the normal things; we must try to do our best.

12 May, 2011

4 thoughts on “What it all means

  1. I agree you are at a crossroads with your health, but I am sure you are also about to take the right path to better health.

    You have put all the right things in place to move forward. You now know which foods are bad for your constitution and which foods are good. That is massive progress from where you have come from.

    I am sure that you will continue to feel better and better and as the ‘diet’ becomes a part of your life it will become easier for you.

    Keep up the good work you have started.

    1. Thank you. I feel I am doing better and do agree that once I know about the good and bad foods that cause me to have reflux, the healthier I will be.

      I will also start to feel better too, although I am still working on that.

  2. I’m rooting for you! I’m sure you’ll get there. It may take some time though but you have patience and that’s a good thing.

    I know you’re ready to be well you have dealt with it so long and I wish you the best!!

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