When people reach out

When anyone reaches out to us for help and we decide not to help them, we’ve already subconsciously decided they don’t need our help, that there’s clearly nothing wrong with them.

People reach out because they need the help. Perhaps it’s us that need the help for us not wanting to help them. Everyone deserves an understanding, a listening ear regardless of what they’re dealing with.

Either way, listening is the first step to at least showing we care, even if we know deep down we can’t help.

28 Mar, 2017

2 thoughts on “When people reach out

  1. Years ago, I saw something going on between you and your readers that caught my eye.

    So I looked at this site more closely and saw how you extend yourself to help people with sorrows no one else cares about or understands; that’s reaching out Ilana.

    1. When writing this blog, I never thought about it but yes, I reach out in more ways than I could ever imagine I could have.

      There are of course different ways we reach out and those aren’t as important as our ability to reach out. In reaching out to myself, I also reach out to others too.

      I also care about others, because I know what it’s like for others to care less. Many thanks for pointing this out.

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