When support fails

Food for thought: When we fail to have support our lives will go one of two ways. We’ll either stagnate, or we’ll choose to support ourselves. It just matters that we don’t give up. When we get to look back at our lives on those times, we’ll always regret the things we could have done, but didn’t. The irony is that others who fail to support us often give up on themselves first, long before they give up on us.

19 Sep, 2016

6 thoughts on “When support fails

  1. I grew up supporting myself emotionally due to a lack of parental support; and when I got a job at 12 I started paying my own way, rather than asking my parents for spending money, which I knew they didn’t have.

    While this made me independent from an early age, as a result I am not so great in accepting help from others.

    1. Thanks, yes there will always be pitfalls that begin to affect other people. It’s not the best scenario. Because you know why you behave a certain way it should be easier to change those patterns, because you have understanding.

      Not knowing always makes change harder.

  2. I try to lend support to people whenever I can. But I can’t help thinking if I’ll get support when I need it, what do you think Caller ID is for?

    1. Yes, quite! Personally I don’t have Caller ID, but I can see how it’s useful to know who is there before you pick up. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.

      Sometimes the person on the other end of Caller ID isn’t the first person we’d call in our hour of need.

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