When the ego talks

When we allow our ego to make decisions on the important things we need to make decisions on, we will always get the process wrong.

We need to understand the facts the way they really happen, rather than choose to perceive the facts wrongly through our ego. When the ego gets in the way of the facts, we can never reach the right understanding or resolve.

There will always be a mental block through the ego where we don’t see what is perceived. When we let the ego talk, without questioning ourselves first on what we would otherwise believe to be true, we will never interpret our lives, or our decisions in the right way.

What we want or choose to understand through the ego isn’t the same thing as what we need to see and understand by our own thinking. It’s easy for the ego to want to judge another person’s actions or decisions, which doesn’t concur with our own thinking.

It doesn’t matter the relationship or what the reasons are by someone else. We must learn to understand and perceive the facts in the way they are presented to us, rather than the way our ego chooses to see those facts. Just because the ego sees facts a certain way, doesn’t mean the ego is right.

We must always think for ourselves independently, rather than let the ego talk for us and get those decisions wrong.

3 May, 2016

4 thoughts on “When the ego talks

  1. My ego has always been an issue for me since it wouldn’t allow me to accept that I was just like both my parents! Turns out that I was actually an alcoholic and had mental health issues!

    I didn’t want to be anything like them, but I turned out to be that and so much worse. I ended up losing my mind trying to fight those demons on my own, because I was too proud to ask for help. False pride does kill, when you refuse to seek out any help and think that you do all on your own.

    I have watched so many others fall victim to this delusion and fail miserably. The only solution that seems to work is letting my ego go to be able to work on the issues that I need to work on.

    1. Thanks Randy. The ego will always accept a different version of events on the events that really happened. An Ego is a character, which isn’t who we are underneath.

      It would be very easy to put ourselves into denial over the things our parents have done to us and that’s where the ego comes in. I would say it’s far easier to do that in the short term than it is to accept what they’ve done and deal with those issues, in the longer term.

      The ego will always serve to throw us off balance and that’s not good, because we will always need to know the facts as they happen so we go on to make the right choices, particularly on other people’s decisions that may affect us.

      We need to make sure we have the full facts in front of us, so that we make the right decisions based on why they choose to do what they do. Get that wrong and we will make the wrong decision, which can ultimately cost us a friendship or relationship.

  2. I have never really been bothered about ego issues myself, although I recognise it in others all the time and it’s never a good thing; as when our egos do the talking our brains are rarely fully engaged.

    As Randy says it is delusional and usually ends in failure. Which, in itself is a good thing if lessons are learnt, but that isn’t often the case for an egotist, as failure is never their responsibility.

    Always someone else’s fault and so the cycle continues.

    1. Are lessons really learned? I believe we can learn, but I’m not so sure myself.

      It very much depends on the person and whether they want or are happy to change. As they say a leopard doesn’t change its spots and although that’s true for animals, the human kingdom is different. We can learn how to change.

      As you say and I agree, when the ego does the talking we will always fail to engage our brain and that needs to happen I feel and can be the difference when it comes to relationships.

      When we fail to understand another person’s point because we’re working from the ego, we will fail to see the bigger picture and how or why we got to that place.

      As you say, an Egotist will never see failure as part of their history, only ever someone else’s and that’s sad because the reality is, we’re also to blame. It takes two people to make a relationship.

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