When to take supplements

We won’t and can’t always take in the right number of nutrients and therefore may need to look at supplements to bridge the gap depending on what we physically deal with. But when we take our supplements, is more important than taking our supplements; if we want to acquire the maximum benefit.

The following suggestions may be useful:

  • Multi-vitamins and mineral supplements should be taken either 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after breakfast;
  • Always take any additional supplements with a multivitamin together in the morning;
  • Calcium and magnesium supplements should be taken in the evening (as they both may help with sleep);
  • If you double up on certain vitamins, split them so they’re not taken together;
  • Only take separate B vitamins if you are also taking a B complex vitamin. This can usually be found in a multivitamin;
  • Vitamin B which helps with energy should be taken on a morning.

If you’re not good at remembering to take supplements, then taking supplements together will be better, rather than not taking any at all. It’s also a good idea to take them at a time you know you will remember. For any duplicate tablets, split them so that one can be taken with each meal.

Supplements aren’t the ultimate cure for health, but they do go some way to help prevent illness. Some illnesses cannot always be prevented but taking supplements may help keep them to a minimum.

Other considerations also need to be considered, such as lifestyle and diet.

27 Nov, 2010

4 thoughts on “When to take supplements

  1. I take supplements as you know and I take them as you have suggested. I think they really do help and I feel better when I take them. I have them in a container labelled for each day of the week and with my other meds.

    I take my multivitamin in the morning and a few others. I take most of the separate ones at night. My favorite one is Ester-C which I take at night. I think it really does help keep me from getting colds etc.

    1. I am so glad Lisa that the supplements you take help and that you feel better from them.

      Just wondering if Ester-C is the same as Vitamin C? I usually take vitamin C in the morning. Although the body uses as much Vitamin C it needs and then gets rid of the rest, I’m just still wondering if you would be better off taking it during the day whilst you’re active.

  2. I take my vitamins before breakfast everyday and I have noticed that they do make me feel and look healthier, so there must be something working for me. Thanks for the information.

    I have found that with a lot of medications they must be taken on a long term basis, in order to be successful.

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