When we fail to cope

Abuse is invisible and because it’s invisible, it’s not always easy to understand or equate that what you are experiencing is abuse.

No one holds back on what they think any more. It’s okay to say how you feel or what you think, but it’s not okay to inflict anger on others just because you’re hurting, or you’re angry, disappointed, frustrated, upset or irritated.

I go back to the same thinking I have spoken about many times before. What happened to compassion, empathy and tolerance? What’s happening out there in communities and in the world, is seeping into our relationships.

Brexit and Covid_19 have brought about stress through a widespread change in certain Governments who are more self-serving, and as a consequence, attitudes in communities and on line have changed.

The divide is now bigger than ever. We must all pull back and lead by our own examples of the good that is still out there in the world.

2 Jul, 2020

2 thoughts on “When we fail to cope

  1. People seem to be getting the impression that it’s okay to force your ideals on to others like with the whole ‘black Lives matter’ movement here in the US, but the last I knew this was a free country.

    I have been accused of being a racist before, because of my complaints about the constant barrage of negative attention, but that isn’t the case.

    My issue has been, as with many other issues of people trying to force me to think, act and feel the same way they do. I grew up in a world where I was brainwashed and made to think that I didn’t have a choice, so I wasted most of my life living that way.

    Once I finally figured out that I did have a choice, I realized I didn’t like being treated like ‘sheep’ who just go along with whatever people tell them to believe.

    1. Thanks Randy. Given my own set of circumstances, I’m not far off you in the experience stakes. Where you say, ‘I finally figured out that I did have a choice,’ – yes you do Randy. I am pleased you have come to the same realisation.

      Your life was one way, now you can choose to live your life a different way. All lives matter and we must all work together to that end.

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