Why we mustn’t question

We will stop questioning ourselves when we start believing in ourselves. We question ourselves because we lack the confidence to believe in ourselves. It’s a vicious circle.

Believing in ourselves is another way of saying we have confidence. When we have the confidence, we’re telling ourselves and the world we can do this. But without self-belief we will fail on confidence and without the confidence we will lack courage, strength and self-motivation.

I can’t remember a time when I stopped to question myself in that way. There were too many injustices going on, for me to throw daggers at myself. Sadly, we will spend a lifetime questioning ourselves more, than we begin to question why we’re questioning ourselves. It’s not always about us. Therefore, we must question others more than we question ourselves.

Perhaps also, it’s important we think about why and look at our lives again and re-evaluate where we are. It’s always easier to question and point the finger at ourselves, than it is to point and apportion the blame back on to someone else. We do it because that guilt has nowhere else to go.

Unless others are open and honest about their motivates, they will continue to point the finger, instead of accepting they’re the ones at fault. Although I was aware of the things I struggled with and continued to carry guilt on those things, unconsciously I must have been aware of the bigger picture.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t bother to question or point the finger at myself. I was too aware of the parts played by others.

11 Jan, 2018

2 thoughts on “Why we mustn’t question

  1. Yes, it’s not easy when others won’t admit to their faults on the things we have to deal with, because as you say it’s us that carries the guilt.

    As ever your blogs, show us a different way to think about the things we get to deal with, in a way that we can understand.

    1. Thank you! Yes those were my experiences, particularly around my schooling. I’m not sure how long I carried that guilt. It was never my guilt to carry.

      I think it is import for a parent to admit where they have gone wrong, or could have done things better.

      It’s not right when children have to themselves, on the things we’re responsible for. Sadly, it doesn’t show the sign of a good parent.

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