Why we need humility

Humility is the act of being modest, it is the opposite of being arrogant. It is part of being spiritual. We can never successfully forge ahead without it.

Since everything we do is based on how we act and react, we must always act and react with humility. It makes what we put out there real. Humility helps build trust between people, in families, in society, between continents and in the world.

As Nelson Mandela once quoted, “the first thing is to be honest with yourself.” Without honesty, you will never make the right impact on society and everything you do will be about ‘you.’ Integrity, humility and honesty formed the foundation to Nelson Mandela’s life.

Humility teaches us how to behave and yet it is a trait that is continually being overlooked. It helps us respect each other and value other people’s opinions. When we have humility, we understand we are no more important than anyone else that we are all equal and valuable.

It matters, because we all have equal rights to be treated and spoken to in the same way. When the ego is present, nothing replaces the ego. There isn’t enough humility in the world. People listen to themselves before they listen to anyone else.

Without acting on and using humility, it will be impossible to recognise that everyone has an equal right to be heard, or for us to listen to others openly.

21 Jun, 2019

4 thoughts on “Why we need humility

  1. Humility is something they stress highly in AA, but not many people have a lot of it. I’m sure it’s a lot easier for me, since I don’t have much of an ego and always seem to think that I’m less than everyone else.

    That is why I have fear from doing anything that would put me in the spotlight, like writing books or getting into politics.

    My parents went well out of their way to bury me under a mountain of guilt, shame and remorse so it’s probably a normal thing and to be expected. Now I have to dig my way out from under it, but many times I feel like all I have to work with is a teaspoon.

    It comes down to the reality of having enough humility to believe that things like saving the human race from itself could be more important than any embarrassment I may feel, about the the things I have done or should have done.

    1. Randy what matters is you. Humility is easy to achieve because you don’t have an ego. I’ve never come across anyone with an ego who shows any humility. Just continue to be you.

      I love that you’re open and honest and that you care. It’s easy to have humility when others around us also have the same character traits.

      We need more of it in society and in the world, and in the bucket loads.

  2. Humility is the key to most things as with it comes respect. Something that is all too often sadly lacking in our daily lives.

    1. Thanks. As you say it is very much the key to most things, including respect. We need more of it and in abundance.

      We would all be better for it. Individually and working together.

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