Why we’re never satisfied

We tend to stretch and adjust our lives as we go along so that we reach our goals, but then inevitably we want more. We’re never satisfied.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we’re never satisfied. We can be satisfied, but that very much depends on us changing our perceptions. We must settle on a different viewpoint, find a different way to think.

We’re never satisfied because our emotions are always in a state of change. There is always another piece of us that wants more and won’t settle for what we see as less, but perhaps that’s where we’re going wrong. We should be okay with what we have and what we achieve.

Perhaps we must also see our goals as a destination, to feel a sense of certainty, achievement, accomplishment, but never to be settled enough not to enjoy the moment, I think is incredibly sad. It’s important to cut our cloth according to what we can achieve.

There will always be something more for us to reach, but it’s important we understand how to balance being content and being grateful with what we already have. That’s the key. Being grounded allows us to understand why we need to continue to stay grounded.

As long as we continue to ground ourselves enough to be okay with what we already have, then it’s okay to want to strive further. It’s easy to focus on the difficulties of trying to achieve a goal, whilst losing sight of being grateful that we have a goal to reach.


27 Jul, 2016

4 thoughts on “Why we’re never satisfied

  1. I agree completely. As a race we do seem to have a built in, self destruct; never satisfied attitude.

    As you say we should be happy with our achievements precisely because they are that; ours, and we should all be proud of all we achieve.

    1. We seem to absolutely; but we can never have peace without first being satisfied.

      Not only will we never be satisfied as you rightly say, we will end up pressing the self-destruct button. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would find it difficult to believe it could be true.

      That is exactly what we do in our quest to have and be successful, We can never be successful without having satisfaction first. Being satisfied doesn’t mean we will never have success, what it means is we’re emotionally more balanced and at ease, both with ourselves and our lives.

      I believe that as long as we have those, we can build on success, which will always come later.

  2. I think our identity is always in doubt, so we play our roles to hide that fact that we are really unnecessary in the world. Theoretically though, competition and achievement legitimises our existence.

    But I’m satisfied with peace and love, which may be the hardest thing to achieve.

    1. I believe so too. Perhaps we’re not always sure what our identity is. It depends on how we feel emotionally and whether we’re strong enough to own our identities. I feel our identities are often intertwined with our lives and therefore are constantly open to change.

      I agree with you that peace and love are the hardest things to achieve; possibly because we’re never satisfied with what we have until it’s gone.

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