Working against ourselves

Some of us will work our circumstances to bring us to a better place, without consciously giving what we’re doing a second’s thought.

Others will work their circumstances without any regard for what’s right, but will do it for their own personal gain, because it’s what they want and what they think they should have. However we work our circumstances, it’s important we work our circumstances appropriately, without crossing other people to do it.

The universe works to conspire to help us achieve our goals, as long as we follow its rules and don’t work against ourselves. We tend to forge ahead, without a regard of how things actually work and how we’re supposed to behave. We tend to work against ourselves. Instead of questioning why something happens, we should perhaps look for the reason behind why something doesn’t work out instead, because that’s usually where the answer lies.

The universe acts as our guide. It works by placing lessons in our midst, waiting for us to trust its process without question, the process of understanding why some things work and why they sometimes don’t and how we can go about making the necessary changes we need, to bring about the outcome we want.

How we behave and interact with other people is instrumental.  We can’t expect to behave badly in one thing, walk away from that and then expect to achieve greatness in something else instead, as if behaving badly didn’t count or matter. Everything matters.

We need to work in alignment with how the universe expects us to work and are accountable for all of our actions and outcomes, good and bad. The more we abide by the universe’s rules, the more our circumstances will work out.

2 Jul, 2016

4 thoughts on “Working against ourselves

  1. Well, now that sounds like my life story! Part of me has wanted to do the right thing yet another has me constantly self-sabotaging myself because I don’t feel worthy.

    It seems that I have actually been punishing myself for the mistakes I made when I didn’t really know any better. It wasn’t like my parents showed me how to live like a decent human being. They forced us to think, feel and act the way they did, which went against everything I believed in.

    I fought their efforts for the longest time, until I just couldn’t do it anymore, so they won! My mother should have worked for the CIA considering how great she was at brainwashing.

    It has only taken 20+ years of occasional therapy, to finally begin to feel like I am worthy. I have only been surviving and/or existing, so it would be fantastic to finally be able to live for the first time in my life. I like to use the expression rebel without a clue, since the most I was doing quite often was making life hard on myself.

    There was always a battle in my mind going on that I didn’t really get, but I was so used to fighting it that I didn’t know any different. It’s called, ‘you live what you know,’ which is what I need to work on to be able to have a more normal life.

    I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of it!

    1. Thanks Randy. I agree with you, we do tend to live what we know, from how our parents choose to parent us and until we learn how to change it. It’s sad when we work against ourselves as a consequence of how we’ve been parented.

      I hope you’re able to work things out so that you have the opportunity of living and having a more normal life.

  2. The sooner we accept the rules of the universe the more enlightened we become.

    We don’t live in a vacuum, where decisions are random; but we are all subject to a bigger picture. We should learn to live our lives by those rules, as it helps us understand and work within the nonsense that us humans subject each other to.

    There are many phrases in different languages that demonstrate this beautifully. The ones that immediately come to mind are ‘karma’ says it all or as my grandma used to say, ‘what goes around come around,’ or ‘que sera, sera,’ literally meaning what will be will be.

    1. Thank you. You’re right. I have always lived my life like this, but it’s a shame that people don’t live their lives like that.

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