Working through change

There are those of us who are always looking to change their lives or find something that challenges them and then there are those who hate change and will do everything not to have to face and work through change. Since change is inevitable, isn’t it about time we work through change?

So, there are two kinds of change, change that is forced upon us and change that we plan for ourselves, change that we have time to think about and prepare for. Change that is forced upon us (unexpected change) is natural, realities of life are that nothing lasts forever, circumstances change and therefore we must work through and adapt to new circumstances.

Change whether it’s unexpected or planned is necessary. Change helps us adapt into a new way of life. It is important we learn to work through change, because it’s not something we can avoid.

Then there is dramatic change can be challenging and uncomfortable, but if it’s handled appropriately it can also be beneficial. It may require us to think about new habits and routines that encourage spiritual and emotional growth through the other end. It is important we think about new possibilities and opportunities that will exist, as a result of change.

Where unexpected change can often be scary, sudden and daunting, with the right mindset it can also be beneficial. With the right positive mindset we’re more likely to work through it. The Coronavirus is the reason we must be adept at and be prepared to work at change.

23 Apr, 2020

2 thoughts on “Working through change

  1. Working through change wasn’t something that we had the chance to do.

    We had changes forced upon us constantly which we never had time to prepare for, which is why I fought so hard against changing anything in my life, even when they were in my own best interest.

    Yes, ‘geographic cure’ is when someone believes that by changing their location: school, work, country etc, their problems will magically solve themselves (that pretty much describes my childhood).

    I have made so many changes in the past year, even though I didn’t want to, and it was in my own best interest and has worked out well for the best for the most part.

    There are many other changes that need to happen but it can’t be done overnight so I will have to learn how to be more patient, while I work on making those things happen.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, change is daunting when you’re a child, and still daunting as an adult if you’re not used to working through change.

      I believe the more we learn how to work through change, the more adept at it, we will become.

      As you say you have more changes to make. Working on yourself and working on change needs to happen for us all.

      Whilst we don’t go to school to learn how to be a parent, we don’t always learn about ourselves either.

      Change should be something parents help their children work through.

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