World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for people of all ages. Annually, it is responsible for over 800,000 deaths, which equates to one suicide every 40 seconds and for every suicide, 25 people make a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide.

For each suicide, approximately 135 people suffer intense grief or are otherwise affected. This amounts to 108 million people per year who are profoundly impacted by suicidal behaviour.

Preventing suicide is often possible and this year World Suicide Prevention Day is on 10 September. This aims to raise awareness about the issue, to provide information to educate ourselves and others about the causes of suicide and warning signs for suicide.

Every year, organisations and communities, around the world, come together on World Suicide Prevention Day, held on 10th September, to raise awareness of how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide. This has been in place since 2003 and is recognised in around 40 countries globally.

Each year has a different theme and focus, to bring to light a specific aspect of suicide prevention. This year’s theme is ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’ which has been chosen as it highlights the most essential ingredient for effective global suicide prevention and collaboration.

Research suggests that suicide prevention efforts are much more effective if they cover multiple levels and incorporate multiple interventions and it this can often involve family, friends, healthcare professionals, co-workers, community members, schools and universities and religious leaders.


Mental Health issues are something that we may all deal with at one time or another. To prevent us feeling worthless, useless and to prevent us feeling suicidal, it is important we deal with our mental health and make that our number one priority.

As the statistics show that isn’t happening, but with the help and support we can bring those numbers down. I know what it’s like to live with mental health issues dealing with anxiety, brought about through autism.

If you are struggling with mental health issues, or you know someone else who is, please think about getting help.

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10 Sep, 2019

6 thoughts on “World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. Unfortunately, this is something I can understand all too well. I have attempted it far too many times and haven’t succeeded so that must mean I’m still alive for a reason.

    I have struggled for such a long time with the quest for answers as to why, and I’m hoping that I will be able to find out.

    It would be great if I knew how to help those people who suffer from this overwhelming urge. What I have found out over the years is that you can only help those who want to help themselves.

    I can also understand why it is that some people get to the point where they don’t want to get any help. The idea is to reach them before they get to that point that is what I would like to figure out how to do.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes you’re alive for a reason. Spirit never intended for you to succeed.

      When anyone chooses to take their own life, they’re at their wits end, and determined to go through with it. Although you will have been determined, spirit had a different idea, it wasn’t your time and I’m glad.

      I think that you having been in this position, you are more than equipped to help others, who find themselves where you were. I think that’s the reason you’re still here.

      I am sure that you could work for a ‘suicide prevention helpline’ talking to others who are at their wits end and who are thinking of going through what you tried to do.

      Now helping others turn their lives around. It’s made for you Randy.

  2. Randy you’re still here because you’re one of the good guys. I agree with Ilana, you would be a huge asset to a suicide helpline or similar. You have a wealth of experience to share.

    As far as WSPD is concerned, my view is anything which helps understanding is a good thing. It is a terrible thing that so many lives are lost to suicide daily.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I’d love for Randy to do something like that. I hope at some point it may be a consideration for him.

      I couldn’t agree more. It is a terrible thing that so many lives are lost to suicide daily. When we don’t feel we can cope it’s a terrible thing.

      Randy’s story is heartening. A happy ending. I’m proud of how far Randy has come.

  3. How would we function in this world without assistance from organizations and communities that care about our personal problems? Everyone finds themselves suffering from something.

    The thing is, there’s life underneath our problems. I’m sure Suicide Prevention Organizations can show us that.

    1. You’re absolutely right Tim. We all have something we deal with.

      As you say, underneath our problems there is livd. We must continue to work on both, our problems and life. If we fail to deal with one, we can’t have the other.

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