Your own stamp

Your own stamp is the mark you set to carve out your life, demonstrate your unique style, and your interpretation on your life and how you want it to go.

Every time you change something, you put your stamp on it. Not everyone will want to put their own stamp on things. It’s not also set in stone that when we set out to make something happen, that something will happen, when we want it to happen. It is often down to ‘divine timing.’

Our circumstances often dictate whether we are able to put our own stamp on things. It may be that we’re not mentally or emotionally ready; it may also be that other people’s influences on us, stop us. That said, if something is meant to happen, the universe will help you find a way but you have to open and ready to seize the opportunity.

Sometimes these things aren’t obvious, sometimes they’re out of reach, but even out of reach, circumstances can and often do change and the unexpected happens.

20 Apr, 2021

2 thoughts on “Your own stamp

  1. I am happy to be largely anonymous without really putting my stamp on anything, or looking for the limelight or accolades. That way I find more peace.

    1. Thanks. Yes, just carving out a life you want to live, doesn’t necessarily put you in the limelight, but will allow you to put your stamp on things.

      Our stamp tells others we know who we are, what we want from our life and what we’re not willing to put up with.

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