Fruit and Yoghurt Snack


(Nice ‘n’ easy)

Strawberries and granola


Up to 200g of melon and/or strawberries

150g pot fat-free yoghurt

1 tbsp mixed seeds

2 tbsp fruit and fibre cereal or Oat Granola Cereal

1 tsp clear honey


Place the melon and/or strawberries into a pot; then sprinkle the seeds over the cereal

Drizzle over the honey and serve

14 Feb, 2013

4 thoughts on “Fruit and Yoghurt Snack

  1. A nice, simple recipe that looks delicious and is healthy too. You could change the fruit and have a different snack for days!

    1. You’re right, as well as changing the fruit, there are lots of other alternatives things we could add to this healthy breakfast snack. I love it.

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