Mediterranean pasta salad

Mediterranean pasta salad

“This is a really easy recipe that makes a delicious and simple dish, adapted from Tasty Diaries blog.”


600g penne pasta (or any of your own choice)

6 average sized handfuls of rocket leaves

1 red/yellow/orange pepper sliced

150g Cucumber, slices quartered

200g black olives

20 small vine tomatoes halved

Juice and zest of 1 fresh lemon

50ml olive oil

Fresh basil leaves


Cook the pasta al dente according to packet instructions, adding a dash of olive oil and salt to the water

When ready, drain and allow to cool in the colander

Mix together the olive oil and lemon juice and season to taste with pepper

Stir the oil and lemon dressing into the pasta and add the olives, vine tomatoes cucumber, pepper and rocket

Mix well and serve topped with fresh basil leaves, and a drizzle of olive oil

5 Jul, 2013

6 thoughts on “Mediterranean pasta salad

  1. That looks a lovely summer salad.

    I would add diced feta and anchovies for absolute perfection. Served with garlic bread and a cold beer out on the decking!

  2. Sounds very good and easy! What are rocket leaves and do you use one of each color of pepper or just one of the three?

    1. Sorry Lisa! Rocket leaves are an edible annual plant, commonly known as rocket, which is peppery in taste. You can add all three coloured peppers to the salad or just one if you prefer.

      If you add one pepper to this salad I would go with either the orange or yellow variety.

  3. Looks absolutely delicious !

    Serve this salad with a glass of red wine and a good movie, then call it a day.

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