Simple Chicken Sandwich

Simple Chicken Sandwich


1 cooked chicken breast (or substitute below)

½ avocado sliced

1 tomato

Handful of baby spinach or rocket leaves

Black pepper

Chopped chives


2 thick slices granary bread


Cut the cooked chicken into long thin strips

Arrange the spinach on the granary bread

Add thinly sliced tomato and avocado and dot with pesto

Add the sliced chicken and a few chopped chives

Top with spinach and grind black pepper over the sandwich

Top the sandwich with another slice of granary bread

You could use cooked prawns or tinned tuna instead of chicken as an alternative

or why not go veggie and use sliced hard-boiled egg instead

25 Jun, 2020

6 thoughts on “Simple Chicken Sandwich

  1. This sounds a great little sandwich and the possibilities for swaps is endless. I’d make it with barbecued salmon or meat free sausages – delicious.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it’s one of those sandwiches that takes longer to make, but devoured in seconds. It’s not too filling and it’s tasty too.

      I have settled for the vegetarian option, but as you say the possibilities for swaps are endless. Anything works, it depends on your preferences.

    1. I feel there should always be a place for vegetarian. Not only does it help help save the planet, it’s better for your health, also.

  2. This chicken sandwich looks delicious! That barbecued salmon Brad mentioned sounds good too.

    You guys are going to make me fire up my grill.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the barbecue salmon sounds good. The alternatives to this recipe work well, particularly the avocado.

      If you get to barbecue, let us know how you get on with the recipe. Any feedback is welcome.

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