Tuna Salad Wrap

Low Calorie Tuna Salad Wrap

“This low calorie wrap can be made with other salad ingredients.”

My favourites are suggested below:

Tuna wrap


1 tin of tuna

Chopped lettuce

2 corn or flour wraps

1tbs home made Greek Yogurt Mayonnaise

Greek Yogurt Mayonnaise:

1 tub of plain Greek yogurt

1tbs lemon juice (fresh is best)

1tbs vinegar

1/4tsp sea salt

Pinch of ground black pepper

Add any additional ingredients you fancy such as black olives, pimentos, jalapenos,

tomatoes, sliced cucumber, anchovies


Mix the tuna with mayonnaise and spread over wrap.

Add additional ingredients and enjoy!

17 Feb, 2014

4 thoughts on “Tuna Salad Wrap

  1. This is a really simple, flexible meal suggestion.

    As you say the limits are endless and you can add pretty much anything to the basic tuna mayo. I love feta cheese and black olives can eat that with anything, so that’s my suggestion!

    1. Yes this meal is really simple and flexible. I agree.

      I like your suggestion of feta cheese and black olives; but just not together but for those who do I think your version of this wrap will be delicious. Thank you.

  2. Looks like a very easy recipe. and it looks good. My husband wouldn’t eat it because he got sick from tuna once and refuses to try it again!! But I could eat it easily.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes it’s easy and delicious. What you describe happened to someone else I know, but they weren’t eating tuna!

      I hope you get to make it for yourself Lisa. You’ll love it.

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