Why I chose Homeopathy

I originally started Homeopathy because I liked the science behind the medicine. It also seemed to fit into my lifestyle, so for many years now I have used homeopathy to treat my family.

I didn’t like the fact that conventionally I was using medication that in the long term may have given me more problems, so I decided to go down the Homeopathy route and haven’t looked back since.

Why Homeopathy?

These are the reasons I chose homeopathy:

  • Homeopathy has no side effects and cannot be overdosed on;
  • It’s something that anyone can learn to use at home to treat family with acute illness;
  • Homeopathy doesn’t just treat humans. Livestock and pets will also benefit from homeopathy;
  • Homeopathy is safe and gentle to use and although it may take longer to treat some of the symptoms; treating the person as whole allows us to stay well for longer;
  • Homeopathy is fast becoming popular and is used by The English Royal family who are trying to endorse the medicine;
  • It is comparatively inexpensive to use, although there is an initial layout to get started;
  • Homeopathy is approved by the FDA and has no known history of having to withdraw one of its remedies.

I think even the most inexperienced of people can have a go at dispensing homeopathy. I think it is fast becoming popular, particularly in celebrity circles, but is not yet fully in the public domain as an alternative to conventional medicine.

The nice thing about Homeopathy is that it can still be used along side conventional medicine and there is also help available on line if help is needed. I also think Homeopathy opens the door to other positive lifestyle choices.

There will always be conventional medicine, but Homeopathy is fast becoming a medicine in itself, which may be available soon on the NHS.

24 Apr, 2011

6 thoughts on “Why I chose Homeopathy

  1. I know first hand how useful homeopathy can be in the right circumstances. Its a great first line of defence for minor ailments, but can also work alongside conventional medicine as you say for more serious illness.

    It is also useful in helping to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms such as a high temperature or a headache while helping the cause of the illness.

    As you say it is becoming more recognised here in the UK, but the medical profession don’t like anything that takes away their ‘expertise’ or demystifies modern medicine, so I suspect that it will not become mainstream for many, many years yet.

    1. I completely agree. You’re right, it could be years before we see Homeopathy on the NHS, but the good thing about Homeopathy is that anyone can use it now, as long as they are prepared to pay for the initial homeopathy box of pills.

      Although the initial charge to get started, may seem expensive; it’s long term benefits of being able to dispense homeopathy ourselves at home, far outweigh the initial cost in my opinion.

      Guidelines are also included.

  2. I agree with you. The medical profession here don’t want anything infringing on ‘the almighty dollar.’

    I think conventional medicine is based on how much profit can be made especially when it comes to medications. I started studying natural healthcare because I’ve been in the medical profession for years and have seen the corruptness of some of it and want to help people in a natural way.

    Hopefully I can restart college in the future, so I can achieve my ultimate goal.

    1. The alternative route such as Homeopathy is a wonderful lifestyle choice which benefits our health in the longer term.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Lisa about your course.

  3. Thank you for this blog and for this post in particular.

    I have begun looking into homeopathy/alternative medicines as well. Unfortunately I am unemployed so I can’t manage the initial cost at the moment, but I am trying to make other changes such as better foods for my son.

    I love how your blog offers a first-person look at living with cerebral palsy. I am raising a child with CP and while I know what THAT is like, I only know so much about what it’s like for my son.

    It’s nice to see someone offer your point of view. Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome. I’m pleased my blog helped you. Thank you for visiting the site.

      I have used homeopathy since my children were little. The initial outlay can be expensive, which puts so many people off trying it in the first place.

      It’s lovely that you’re making positive changes to your lifestyle; I believe it makes a difference in the longer term to both our emotional and physical health and is one of the reasons why I changed.

      With regard to CP, from my own experience growing up with it I had no emotional support, so it can be quite lonely and isolating for all concerned. That part of CP I believe is more important than the CP itself.

      CP is something your son will have to learn to live with, but without the emotional support it will be hard for him. We do learn to cope in one way or another as part of what we’re handed out in life, but support is the key and makes a difference to how we perceive and handle CP.

      I am happy to help if you want further advice for you and your son. It would be lovely if we could keep in touch.

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