A story of positivity and hope

Living with so many thoughts in my mind, has made writing my memoir easy. Having now signed the book off, I’m now on to publication and that part doesn’t seem so easy.

My book tells ‘my story,’ in a way that helps resonate. It’s powerful, emotional and heartfelt. It’s a story without recriminations. It’s a fair and balanced account of my experiences, growing up without knowing I had a disability. It’s changed my life. As I go through the book and recall all my experiences, the book also brings understanding to other people’s lives.

I have found a voice in the book that I didn’t have as a child, I have found a passion in me that was closed off in the early years. I capture my experiences in the now as if those were my experiences for the first time. Through new understandings of my parents, my attitude towards both have changed.

Even though mum wasn’t in a position tell me what was wrong, she continued to help me by insisting I do my daily exercises. Where my father didn’t want to know, I have since learned, it wasn’t a case of him not wanting to know. Through his insecurities he struggled to want to know. Now having spent 10 years unravelling the facts to get to the truth, I know why it was ignored.

Around my neurological difficulties and away from the book, I still struggle to get those back when I’m talking about my symptoms. Writing the book has brought understanding where I had none as a child and young adult.

My book brings empathy compassion, positivity, hope and tolerance where there was none. It enables the reader to understand their own journey, so that they too may bring closure. Through years of research on my experiences and my life, through my writing, I now have closure.

30 Nov, 2019

4 thoughts on “A story of positivity and hope

  1. You’re very lucky that you have some sense of closure, which is something I need at this point in my life.

    I have been talking about writing a few books for most of my life, but have had such strong doubts and insecurities about doing it that I haven’t even been able to get started.

    Part of me wants to do it, but another part tells me that I’m not supposed to, or that I shouldn’t, thanks to the way my parents brainwashed me.

    We were forced to live in an environment where we weren’t supposed to talk, think, or share our feelings about anything. You’ve given me a lot of hope that it is possible and I don’t have to live in that world anymore if I don’t want to.

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m pleased I have been able to give you hope. Yes, you have my permission not to live in that world anymore. It’s the same permission I gave myself.

      I can resonate and understand why it’s taken you so long to get started, but please try to remove the guilt, because it’s not your guilt to carry. What happened to you Randy is solely on your parents.

      It’s time for you to take control and heal.

  2. Your website has always shown us how to look at things differently and the importance of understanding that we can change things for the better, to find closure and to move forward positively.

    To have this message in a book and more will be amazing and I can’t wait to see it get published. It should be everyone’s bedtime reading, especially.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, we don’t have to stay where we were and we can change for the better. I also think the universe plays its part positively in giving us the courage to move forward.

      I innately knew deep down that I wasn’t to give up. I didn’t quite understand the higher force of course, but it was enough to keep me moving forward, even though I continued to meet with brick walls, and no emotional support.

      Although that part was difficult, in the longer term, it made me even more determined to continue. No child should have to go through that.

      Without me writing the book, I could never have learned or understood my experiences in any detail throughout my childhood. It would also have been easy for me to miss things.

      I was able to recount my experiences as if I experienced them yesterday. They were that clear. Writing the book has been a truly comforting cathartic experience.

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