My Book shows us how

My book shows we can all change our lives that just because we start one way doesn’t mean we have to continue the same way. As I have changed my own life, my book shows you how you can change your life too.

The difference between change and non-change is us staying ‘present.’ For us to change and find peace in our lives, we must continue to live in the present, having dealt with the past, and then work and make decisions in the present.

Without our understanding, we will continue to live our lives, without any fundamental change. We must deal with our experiences, deal with our past and must come to terms with everything that has happened to us in our lives, so that we can move on and stay permanently in the present.

As my book explores my experiences, without reconciliation on our experiences, our lives will never change. Through my experiences my book gives thought, in a way that allows us to incorporate change for each of us.

Please feel free to read the bio to my book on Amazon. My Book is available to buy on Amazon /UK or Amazon US and in all good book stores, including Waterstones and Salts Mill.

6 Sep, 2020

4 thoughts on “My Book shows us how

  1. Yes, you personally and your book have given me the incentive and courage to change my life. I have watched many people like my parents who chose to stay the way that they were.

    Your book shows how we can change. Right now the current pandemic is a prime example of how people aren’t changing, as people choose to ignore the rules and have passed the virus on to others. Thankfully I haven’t been exposed to these people.

    It’s ridiculous as to how people refuse to change how they do things even when it may possibly save their lives. There seems to be two sides those who are freaked out by it and those who pretend like it isn’t real because they can’t see it.

    I find myself extremely worried about people like you and my daughter who have conditions that compromise your health. It doesn’t bode well if people choose to not take the virus more seriously and refuse to change.

    I am just thankful that I happen to live in a sparsely populated state right now, so the chances of catching this nasty virus is less than most other places.

    1. Thanks Randy! I am pleased you found my book an incentive, I am also pleased it’s given you the courage to ‘change your life.’

      Yes, I feel it is important we change our thinking and keep ourselves safe. Please don’t worry, I am still isolating and masking up if and when I go out for a walk.

  2. Most books are substandard at best, but your book offers a keen insight into the human condition. You took me into your world but I thought it was mine, that’s how much it resonated with me.

    Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm After the Storm, will take you further than you can see.

    1. Thank you so much Tim. I’m made up that my booked resonated with you. The fact that it, has tells me other people may think the same also.

      Difficult times with the pandemic, fingers crossed once we’re through the other end.

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