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I am delighted to let you all know that my forthcoming book, Cerebral Palsy: a story ‘Finding the Calm after the Storm,’ is due to be released on the 2nd January, 2020. Everything to do with the book will now be categorised under ‘My Book.’

Not knowing I cerebral palsy meant each day was an ongoing battle. Post diagnosis, although writing for my website has been instrumental in bringing more peace into my life, writing the book has been a different experience altogether.

I could never have brought my experiences together to this point without the book. I could never have had the understanding. Working through my experiences to produce the book, has given me more understanding where there was ignorance, and serenity where there was agitation.

Through writing the book I have learned a lot about myself, understood and learned things for the first time that I didn’t know, post diagnosis. Without the book I could never have gone into as much detail as I have about my experiences.

My book has brought closure, where in my formative years, I could only dream. As it has taken so long for me to get to this stage, dealing with so much stress and anxiety in the absence of a diagnosis, writing the book hasn’t brought me satisfaction.

The book is a big accomplishment for me, where in the early days, I dare to dream. Given my difficulties these kind of accomplishments, seemed beyond my reach. Now I am achieving it.

20 Nov, 2019

2 thoughts on “My forthcoming book

  1. Yes, it could definitely be considered a massive storm with the way our lives unfolded.

    I know that I feel like I have somehow survived through the kind of catastrophes that most people can’t even begin to imagine, let alone comprehend, so it’s no wonder I feel so isolated and alone.

    I have watched countless others simply give up and fall by the wayside, while something has pushed me to survive and persevere through the hell that I experienced.

    It would be quite an achievement if I was able to accomplish the same thing, seeing as it would provide a great deal of closure for me too.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and being such a great friend to me, as I have definitely needed one.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re welcome. Yes, things do happen for a reason, but that reason isn’t always understanding to us.

      That’s why it’s important you continue to push through. From what you say, you have changed certain aspects of your life.

      If there’s anything you’re not happy with, you get to control and change those things. Yes, closure comes when we bring understanding.

      We can either bring understanding through writing, or mental and emotional understanding, using reflection as a tool.

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