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The reason we are here is to touch the lives of others, and what we learn we should share. When we work on our issues and deal with our mental and emotional health we do better. Through difficult times, we can feel emotional or mental pain, but with work on ourselves we can understand the lessons we are supposed to learn.

When we understand that everything we go through is for a purpose, we may elevate ourselves from our starting point. Intuitively, as we become more emotionally and spiritually aware, we can begin to change.

When we learn to trust our intuition, show compassion and kindness to ourselves and to others, believing the simple truth that indeed, we are enough, we can learn to shine and become more enlightened. When we become more enlightened, we may help others to see what they need to see, feel what they need to feel.

So, as you begin to look inwards, think about what you see and acknowledge what you feel. Know that what you feel is for a purpose, a reason. When anyone works through the spiritual process and they continue to use their intuition, they should start to see their light glow, even if it’s a flicker.

My book can help us see and be THE light. So, if you find that living in Covid-19 times have made your feelings intensify to the point of things feeling out of your depth, then my book Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ can be your starting point.

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1 Sep, 2021

2 thoughts on “Be THE Light

  1. I know I should get around to sharing what I have, but I’m not quite sure of how to overcome the fears I have. In the past when I have managed to help others, they weren’t quite willing to help themselves.

    I remember being brainwashed as a child, to be a caretaker for those who acted like they couldn’t take care of themselves.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, fear can and often does hold us back. When we are able to work on our mental health, we pave the way to help ourselves, by working on our emotional and spiritual health.

      Then we will be ready to help others. The help we give others has to start with ourselves, so we’re mentally and emotionally strong enough to cope.

      To become enlightened, we have to want to deal with the things that weigh us down, so that we can change what we think and how we live our lives. I believe that although no one is born knowing, we can all make those changes.

      Introspection often helps.

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