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Craig Hunt-Law, Endorsement of ‘Spirituality, Healing and Me’

“Spirituality enables us as Souls within a physical body to examine our experiences and in how we deal with them.

The Soul is never limited by the physical body, nor by any imperfections. How we as Sentient Beings overcome any physical limitation or disability, shows the Soul’s determination to grow and continue its pathway, having a disability within the physical aspect of a Soul’s journey, the impact, the limitations, the discrimination.

This wonderful book highlights the importance of having a Spiritual belief in one’s life journey, in encompassing the role Spirituality has in our individual life and its unique role upon our life journeys.

I am happy to bless this book throughout and give my Spiritualist Medium blessings to both the author and reader, in encouraging any individual within a similar position, to utilise the power and the importance of Spirituality in assisting you on your pathway.”

Christopher Craig Hunt-Law, Spiritualist and Practising Medium of 38 years

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13 Sep, 2021

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