Connecting with our Mental Health

Although Covid-19 is still with us, it is important to start making those connections, to get back into our lives consciously so that we’re living in the present mentally and emotionally. By present I mean living in the moment without your mind wandering to the past, to events that have left you struggling to cope.

Yes, now is the perfect time to consciously connect with your mental health, to think about your emotions, and how you really feel. In our daily lives, how many of us really think about our feelings, about our experiences, how many of us unconsciously tap into our experiences and the feelings we have left behind?

We may tell ourselves we’re okay with our experiences, that we’re coping with our lives, that there is nothing wrong with us, but having been stuck in my own head for years, I know that what we unconsciously think, (the part of the brain that isn’t always open to us) is something we don’t think about.

If we haven’t been thinking about mental health since the start of Covid-19, it won’t be something we’re thinking about now. It’s human nature to ignore the very things we should be dealing with. Now that many of us are getting back into our lives, it would be a good time to address and deal with any outstanding issues, so that we can live more presently.

It is important for us to engage with ourselves on an unconscious level, so that we can commit to our mental and emotional health from a place of openness, and so that we can continue to engage with others, without having to also deal with our baggage.

It is about being able to recognise and understand that what’s happened to you, the good and the bad, it is about a willingness to engage in your own emotional journey to healing. Connecting with our experiences, is based on a foundation of empathy, compassion, and love for yourself. It takes tolerance and patience to come to understand the inner workings of your mind and to co-exist with yourself.

Through insight when you practice learning about yourself, you can start to make choices that serve you in both your personal and professional life. It is very much a mindful and deliberate approach to a life that unifies not only you and how you feel, but also unifies you in fulfilling your life, whether that is for you, or for others you share your life with.

What Covid-19 has shown is that it is important for us to recognise and deal with our emotions that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, that we should live for now and stay present, so that we may continue to flourish.

It has also shown us that we have no control over others’ decisions, but we can choose to make a difference through the support we give to each other, so that we are able to start feeling better. It’s consciously taking that first step. Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ and ‘Spirituality, Healing and Me’ is a good first step to your healing journey.

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Thank you.

8 Oct, 2021

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