Continuing my Book Journey

My follow-on book, ‘Spirituality, Healing and Me’ charts my spiritual and healing journey, coming through a disability I didn’t know I had as I take the reader through their own ‘spiritual and healing’ journey.

My new book is based on spirituality and healing, which means it is universal, it exists everywhere, it involves everyone. It is something we can all aspire to. Spirituality gives us purpose, it allows for healing; with both in our life, our challenges, struggles and lives become easier.

Spirituality, requires us to focus on our internal values, so that we can work on becoming better individuals. Spiritual people strive towards a better life and hone-in-on personal fulfilment. In my book, I show you how.

Spiritual people are optimistic, they have positive relationships and have meaning and purpose in life. They will also strive towards carving out a better life for themselves and will want to continue to consider personal fulfilment.

Although my book requires readers to focus on their internal values, which in effect is what spirituality does, it is written in a way that will captivate and hold your attention and brings understanding to your lives.

If you would like to see how my healing journey can also help you, my book is available through just follow the link  – or you can buy a copy through The Book Depository for free international postage

Thank you.

22 Feb, 2021

2 thoughts on “Continuing my Book Journey

  1. Awesome! I will definitely have to order a few copies once it comes out. You may have already mentioned when it’s coming out, but you’ll have to remind me of the details!

    I have been trying to keep up with everything, but have also been rather distracted by too many issues that I don’t have any control over.

    It also doesn’t help when you’re dealing with other people’s issues, when they seem determined to self sabotage their own lives no matter what you do to try to help.

    I need to focus on taking care of my own issues first, so that I can actually get around to writing my own book/s!

    Thanks for supporting me so much and keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re welcome. I am so pleased what I write helps you. I hope that you will find clarity on your experiences.

      I tend to work on the philosophy that we take control of the things we know we have control over and let go of the rest.

      It becomes a cathartic experience when we are able to let go of our past experiences.

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