Failing to support

I remember my struggles in school as if they were yesterday. I remember the class size, 37 in total. I remember struggling to learn, to grasp the learning concept. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t taking anything in. I understand now.

Back then, you weren’t encouraged to become independent thinkers. We had to copy off the blackboard, and do our own prepping and that was our learning.

My learning inability, autism made it impossible for me to learn. I came away from school having learned nothing. The whole concept of school was alien to me, and with no support, I failed.

Recently I have come across a timely review for today’s blog from Natalie, who also has cerebral palsy and shares some of the same symptoms as me. I have outside validation on my early school experiences and that helps.

Natalie “Curling up with a coffee and a Kindle” Rampling’s, 5* review is below:

“Well, that was interesting.

After the first 10 pages, I swear I was reading my biography. The amount of similarities between Ilana and I were staggering. A premature twin, with a leg length discrepancy, scoliosis, and foot drop? Crazy. Although their precedence in people with cerebral palsy is probably fairly common.

The main difference was the fact Ilana was in her 40s when she got the CP diagnosis, and I was only 2. Knowing the intervention, I had throughout my school life, to think of someone not even knowing why she was different to her twin, or her classmates totally floored me. As a primary school teacher, I am appalled there was no-one who got any support for her.

After the first few chapters about her CP, this book becomes more of a self-help guide, and can be applied by anyone. I have struggled over the years with certain parts of my mental health, and this book was an eye-opener, and has given me a real insight into a different approach. I hope I am able to use the advice in my daily life. Fantastic.”

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7 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Failing to support

  1. Your blog reminds me of a quote about parenting I read many years ago. It was something along the lines of, parents must encourage and support their children as children adapt to live up to what their parents show they believe of them.

    In your case you have heroically changed things both for yourself and your children and for that you and they can be proud. Thank you for posting the review, it says it all.

    In spite of your experiences, you are making a difference. Not many of us can say that.

    1. Thanks. It is not only through my words, my writing, or my blog, but reviews like the one I mention that I have finally found my voice.

      When others identify with your words and confirm what you write is true, it validates your experiences and what you go on to do. I am made up for that, not in a cocky way, because I don’t do cocky, but in a humbling way.

      I am grateful for the many opportunities being presented to me along the way. Never thought it would be a journey open to me.

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