Mental Health Struggles

Grappling with our unconscious thoughts are the biggest reason why we outwardly struggle. What is clear, we need to concentrate on ourselves, to work through what we need to work through so that how we feel about ourselves changes.

Emotions are complex and complicated. One person’s good day is another person’s mental struggle. How we each see our past, how we see ourselves, how we see the world is subjective.

It is okay to admit you struggle with mental health, it shows you’re normal. Admitting you struggle is the start of the healing process. Everyone is responsible for themselves, their wellbeing, and their happiness. I also struggle with mental health.

It is important we find a way that works for us, so that we may thrive. The world needs to have more empathy, compassion, and tolerance. In Covid-19 it has become obvious we are battling with our own internal mental struggles. It is the reason why my book exists.

Also, other people’s expectations of us doesn’t help, but that shouldn’t matter. We’re not in this world to have an opinion on other people, or their lives. We’re here to think about others and to help.

My Spirituality and Healing book helps with mental health…

Endorsement for ‘Spirituality, Healing and Me’ by Maegan Coker, Spiritualist, Medium & Intuitive

“IIana’s important work here illustrates the raw nuts and bolts of life, and it is soul food for grounding, healing, and discovery of one’s spiritual core.  There are so many unveiled truths effortlessly presented that our society needs to hear. May her words touch your spirit as they have mine.”

Maegan Coker, Spiritual Medium & Intuitive

Mark Carnelley also endorses ‘Spirituality, Healing and Me.’ An extract follows:

“A lot of people, especially with what has happened over the last two years, with Covid-19, and who are struggling to cope, could find this book a reason to smile again.

There is now a greater understanding of mental health, far too long kept as a dark secret and hardly ever spoken about. This could be the breakout book that many people, of any age, could find to be of immense value, in accepting and coming to terms with their own struggles.

Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars for a special read, that will allow a light to shine, and allow to grow, upon that speck of hope that too many people have kept hidden.”


The world needs to have more empathy, compassion, and tolerance and we all need to thrive. In Covid-19 it has become obvious we are dealing with our own internal mental struggles. It is the reason why my Spirituality, Healing and Me’ book exists. I can’t force anyone to pick up a copy, I can only hope they will.

‘Spirituality, Healing and Me’ is available through Amazon UK, follow the link – if you live outside the UK, you can buy a copy through The Book Depository for free international postage

Thank you.

24 Nov, 2021

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