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Having had my book Cerebral Palsy, ‘A Story’ published in January 2020, and going into lockdown in March for four months, I wanted to do something to keep ‘my story’ in people’s minds through Covid times.

Now with my PR behind me, I would like to thank Natalie Connors and Ella Davidson from thebookpublicist, for their stalwart PR campaign. Over the last three months, with their help ‘My Story’ has appeared in Newspaper articles, including The Daily Express (paper copy) and the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Magazine articles include, You and Yours Magazines. I have also written articles for The Writing Magazine, Learning Disability Today and the Counselling Directory. Other articles yet to published are Woman’s Own, Chat Magazine and Pregnancy & Parenting. I have also done a 10 minute interview on the radio.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a book to get you through these difficult times that helps with understanding, clarity and perspective then Cerebral Palsy ‘A Story’ is for you.

For anyone wishing to buy my book, it is available in all good bookstores on-line and @ReddoorPress – also available on Amazon  UK or US.

Thank you.

25 Jul, 2020

4 thoughts on “My Book and PR

  1. I am really pleased the PR campaign went especially well and you were invited to write magazine articles too.

    Personally, I already consider The CP Diary a huge success, and can’t shout its message loud enough.

    1. Thank you. Although my book finally allows me to understand me and my disability, this really is a joint effort.

      I am also grateful and want to thank everyone for all their continued support. I am one half of a whole. Together we make the ‘whole.’

  2. As you evolve so do your readers, as many of us were passengers on a sinking ship before being introduced to your material.

    The fact is, you have bandaged our hearts when yours was broken. Tell your PR people I said that.

    1. You’ve announced it to the world, thanks Tim. Yes, My PR company knows. Everyone who reads my blog will know what you know.

      It has taken me too many years to get to this point, which hasn’t been easy and has been somewhat of a challenge. It still is on occasions.

      As you have inferred those who want to mentally and emotionally heal will want to sit up and listen. As I add to my blog each day, they will be going through the process for themselves with me. What I write isn’t just for me.

      I know that what I have done was the right thing to do. The universe knows that too and has paved the way for me to do it. It knows me not knowing should never have been a thing. Others must reconcile that for themselves.

      I write always from a place of understanding and that brings value not only what I write, but also to what others read. It’s a blog that accommodates all of our needs. We must want to heal.

      My words are wholly appropriate and healing and that makes what I do across the board totally unique.

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