My Book bridges the Gap

My book bridges the gap between what we think and what are our realities. My book, which is based on universal understanding allows for acceptance and closure.

Living in these times has made life even more difficult because feelings may have intensified to the point of things potentially feeling out of our depth. Where we may not always talk about ‘stuff,’ in my book I talk more.

Where I don’t have the luxury of being able to switch bad thoughts to good, my book bridges that gap, for you too. It’s my ‘go to place.’

In a world that continues to challenge, writing out my thoughts in a self-contained place, helps everything feel less of a challenge. It gives me a sense of belonging, a purpose, a feeling of peace, of feeling safe.

My book is a place where calm resides, a place where we can be ourselves, where there is understanding, where I am able to bring understanding for others. It is a self contained place, a place where intuitive understanding is solely at its core.

I use my experiences and lessons to create inspiring messages about mental and physical health, positivity, and resilience. It can change the way you think about and deal with your life.

A Reader Review

Cerebral Palsy – A Story is not only enlightening; it is an honest to God original piece of work… This book is a lifeline for anyone who has endured hardship on this great voyage we call life. It is my hope that Ilana’s teachings will help you as much as they have helped me.’ – TR Bauer, author & activist

You can pick a copy of my book Cerebral Palsy ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm After the Storm up today on Amazon /UK or Amazon US.

Thank you.

1 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “My Book bridges the Gap

  1. Yes, your book I feel not only bridges the gap between what we think and our realities, but your book, which is based on universal understanding, allows for acceptance, even with our different experiences.

    Where we may have acceptance, we may also bring closure. It is particularly perfect for Covid-19 times. I would recommend your book to anyone.

    It really is a cracking good read. You should buy it today.

    1. Thank you. I know how these times have been difficult for us all. I hope people will think about Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ and go out and buy it.

      Well before Covid-19 (in a previous life) I would often go to a ‘book shop’ and look through the self-help section.

      My book as far as I know is the only ‘self-help’ book based on ‘universal understanding and universal principles, that govern how we may get to live our lives and how successful we can be.

      It is for that reason alone, I would choose to buy this book.

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