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My Book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ continues to fuel and inspire me to want to do better. Through universal understanding, I bring clarity for others too.

To be able to write in this way, I have spent hours reflecting. It is where my vision, my spiritual journey, and my life began. My book brings understanding, positivity and hope in what is a confusing world.

Throughout my childhood, although I could never work things out, spiritually I always felt guided and connected. I was emotionally lost, but I had innate direction. At times it was confusing, but I believed the process and carried on.

As a child, I wanted to do better but it was always three steps back until ‘I got it.’ I was continually being tested, but we have to be eager to learn. I was already on my spiritual path, I just didn’t know I was.

Throughout our lives, we never stop learning or growing. Now my book brings my experiences to life in a way that helps us all understand our experiences and what we have to deal with. My book gives you the inspiration to find yourself.

You can pick a copy up today on Amazon /UK or Amazon US.

Thank you.

27 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “My Book of Inspiration

  1. Having read your book, I would say that if anyone cares about their emotional and mental health, they will pick up and buy a copy of your book.

    Whilst the pandemic has given us reason enough to turn our backs on mental health, your book shines a light on emotional and mental health allowing us to move forward.

    Written from a personal perspective, your book is different to other non-fiction mental health books, in that it’s not at all preachy. I would suggest people seriously go out and buy it.

    1. Thank you. Yes, moving through the pandemic, my book is the perfect accompaniment. I hope people will choose to go out and buy it!

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