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“Writing is a way to engage with the world on your own terms and to escape, however temporarily, the world’s noise. Article continues after advertisement. The imagination remains a private place where you can make something from nothing”. – Scott Adlerberg

Writing my book in a pandemic has been difficult. Learning about my disability and for the first time, has been a cathartic experience, a journey I never thought would happen.

The pandemic helps me add to the platform I already have, because it is giving me more to write about. My words help me release any negativity, turning negativity into positivity. It allows me to get my thoughts out there.

I have always been humbled, my writing heals me and helps humble me further. Through my intuition, my writing helps me understand my life. I am able to bring understanding, where I had none.

My book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ is unique and a perfect read in these difficult times. Based on my story, it is centred around universal spiritual values, spiritual values that have been uniquely written.

Writing makes me less fractious, less fearful and more certain of myself. Through my words, I have created a safe and private space that helps us all act on self-care.

My Book, part memoir/part motivational guide, is available to buy on Amazon UK or  and in all good on-line book-stores, including Waterstones and Salts Mill.

Thank you.

20 Mar, 2021

2 thoughts on “My Book Writing

  1. Not only has writing your book been a watershed experience for you, but having read it I can recommend it to anyone.

    It is a unique story about how hope and positive thinking can change your life for the better. Everyone who reads it can benefit from its universal message.

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